Degree Programs

Global Communication Practices

The coursework for Global Communication Practices is designed to cultivate the knowledge and skills needed for advanced intercultural communication, which are vital to professional journalists, and international public relations officers in both private and public organizations. It offers practical training in research, interviewing, correspondence, negotiation, debate, translation, and interpreting, as well as theoretical studies on global communication. The program places an emphasis on the development of students’ perspectives as global citizens to help understand the strong ties among the mass media, governments, non-governmental organizations, and business communities in the global society.


Expected Student Outcomes

  • Familiarity with information gathering and research methods
  • Business writing, correspondence, and interviewer/interviewee techniques
  • Negotiation and debate skills
  • Simultaneous Interpretation skills
  • Knowledge of public relations
  • Understanding of the ethics of professional journalism and global communication

Feature1 - Practical Skills

In today’s global society, graduates need to be ready to “hit the ground running” as soon as they complete their education. With a focus on practical skills such as negotiation, survey, research, interpreting, and presentation, graduates can put their education to immediate use.

Feature2 - Web Literacy

In the age of mass communication, citizens are expected to critically evaluate the contents of mass media, select information wisely, and form rational opinions regarding public issues. This is known as “media literacy.” Nowadays, moreover, opinions expressed on the web in blogs, tweets, and web news sites are becoming as important as newspaper editorials or commentaries in TV news. In this program, students learn “web literacy” in addition to “media literacy,” in order to work as communication experts in contemporary society.

Global Communication Practices Classroom

Example Coursework


Message from Program Head


Youichi ITO
Dean and Director of the Graduate School
Head of Global Communication Practices

The AIU Graduate School was established “to nurture highly specialized professionals who are capable of performing work in foreign languages in a globalized society with advanced international communication theories and practical knowledge and skills.” In order to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills efficiently and systematically, students are encouraged to clarify their future career paths as early as possible.

Compared with the other two programs, possible future careers pursued by students in the Global Communication Practices (hereafter GCP) are more varied. However, considering the expertise of faculty members, we encourage students to choose from one of the following two areas: (1) International Business or Public Relations (2) International Journalism.

In general, students take two years to complete their degree. However, those with exceptional grades and satisfy necessary requirements can graduate in a year and a half. As we accept students from all over the world, Akita International University is a “small world within itself.” After being trained here, students find employment in various parts of the world as professionals and global citizens.


Message from Alumnus

Austien Lee (Nationality: Macau)

2009 Sep. Enrolled in the exchange program at AIU
2010 Jun. Graduated from University of Macau
2012 Aug. Enrolled in Graduate School of Global Communication Practices at AIU
2014 Mar. Completed Masters in Global Communication Practices at AIU
Since 2014 Apr. Working at CNA: Cable Networks Akita

During my studies at the AIU Graduate School, I was able to interact with people from different cultures. I could and learn the similarities and differences between nations, not only academically through books but also practically apply the theories in daily life. The GCP program allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of intercultural communication and equipped me with better interpersonal skills.

After graduating, I chose to stay in Akita to develop my career. I am currently working in the Media Creation Department at a local Cable TV broadcasting company known as "CNA". My job is to create new ideas on the promotion of Akita through TV programs. The skills I gained in the GCP program enable me to both express my ideas clearly and concisely, as well as communicate with my Japanese co-workers freely on a daily basis.

Studying at AIU has definitely been one of the best experiences in my life. The knowledge gained at AIU did not just help me to professionally grow, but also assisted me in broadening my horizons.


Student's Voice

GCP program provides opportunities to comprehend global communication from various perspectives. You can acquire practical skills through internship or fieldwork as well as theoretical knowledge. I believe that GCP program will help you succeed as a global practitioner.

Keiya UCHIDA (Nationality: Japan/Undergraduate: Meiji Gakuin University)

AIU is a unique opportunity to meet faculty and students from around the world. The Global Communication Practices Program provides students with the skills to enter a competitive international market with success. AIU is an amazing school to further one's education.

Robert Le FIX (Nationality: U.S.A/Undergraduate: Oregon State University)

AIU has a wonderful campus life that lets you interact and make long-lasting friendships with people from all around the world. Joining clubs and taking part in activities might be of use in your research, as well as in enriching your personal life.

Jeanett THOMSEN (Nationality: Norway/Undergraduate: University of Bergen)



Example Career after Graduation

  • Cable Networks AKITA
  • Bangkok Representative Office, The Hokuto Bank, Ltd.
  • Mainichi Broadcasting System
  • Tohoku Hakuhodo Inc
  • Custom Media KK
  • The International Academic Forum
  • BlueCurrent Japan
  • Kewpie Corporation
  • Kikkoman Corporation