Global Business

This program is subject to change from AY 2021. Please see our new curriculum page for details.

Our Global Business, GB, Program provides students with a broad knowledge base and framework to analyze and understand the complicated nature of economic and business issues in a fast-changing era. This contrasts with narrow, technical and vocation-specific courses designed to enable graduates to quickly contribute to immediate future employers in narrowly defined, specialized skill areas. In a world where products and services are global and standardized, companies need young people who are broad-based, independent-minded, and who can respond to our dynamic world.

The GB program prepares students for such challenges by providing them with a thorough grounding in economic theory and applications in a real world context. In his 1776 Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith taught how individuals pursuing their own interests may serve the interests of society as a whole, though not part of the individual's intention. The notion of an "invisible hand" is often used to refer to the way the market economy harnesses the power of self-interest for the good of society as a whole. But pursuit of self-interest can also lead to counterproductive behavior.

The GB program makes students aware of the interdependencies of policy and strategy at all levels: individual, corporate, national, regional, and global. Such an approach aims to develop wisdom based on the rigor of economic logic and on an integrated perspective on the world's economic and business systems. Within the study of business and economics, we recommend that learning be sequenced, as illustrated in the diagram below.

International students who are not majoring in economics and business at their home institutions may enroll in the GB program to broaden their knowledge in these areas. While we often use the same textbooks found at other economics and business programs around the world, we do not simply replicate such programs. Instead, our approach reflects a balanced weighting of all regions in the world, while some courses reflect Japan’s proximity to China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, and India.

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Message from the Director

Picture of Dr. Norikazu TAWARA

Dr. Norikazu TAWARA
Acting Director of Global Business Program / Associate Professor

AIU courses in business and economics prepare degreeseeking and international students for meaningful careers in these and other fields after AIU, whether they are joining the workforce here in Japan or abroad, or continuing study at the graduate level. We offer courses of a foundational and advanced nature in economics, as well as courses designed to provide deeper insight into marketing, management, Japanese business culture, and international business. We also offer interactive classes that engage students in developing their critical thinking and communication skills, which are essential in the 21st century.