AIU Dance Club- Yuki Hayashi, Sophomore

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Here’s a message from the deputy director AIU Dance Club, Yuki Hayashi.


Hello, we are AIU Dance Club. We are really sorry that we cannot see you exchange students directly because of the COVID-19 pandemic this year. The exchange students and the degree-seeking students always enjoy dancing all together every year. Here, we are going to tell you what our activities are like.


AIU Lock Team – The performance by our lock dance team in Dance VIRUS fall 2019. Photo Credit: AIU studio E-sha


Each member belongs to at least one genre out of four, which are Lockin’, Breaking, Jazz, Freestyle Hip Hop, and each genre holds about two practices every week. The four genre leaders kindly explain how you should move, of course, in both English and Japanese, so

you will improve your dance skills quickly even if you are a beginner. 


Tsubakigawa Super Dancers – The performance by our hip-hop team in Dance VIRUS fall 2019. Photo Credit: AIU studio E-sha


We all practice hard for each semester’s performance, and you can form your team for this stage. Some exchange students organized their teams and performed creative and emotional dances. Also, others joined a lot of teams and greatly livened the audience up. All of us can have a great time at the performance.


AIU Jazz Team – The performance by our jazz dance team in Dance VIRUS fall 2019. Photo Credit: AIU studio E-sha


We all appreciate our activities as one of the connections among every member, even though our native languages are different. Of course, we are looking forward to dancing with you. If you get interested in our club, please send a message to our SNS account. We all hope to see you on campus!