AIU Yatose Team Arudan- Yutsuki Nishikawa, Sophomore

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Here’s a message from the head of the AIU Yatose Team Arudan, Yutsuki Nishikawa.


The group photo that we took in the event!


Hello! We are AIU Yatose Team Arudan!! Yatose is a dance genre that combines Japanese folk songs (especially from Akita) and J-pop.  Yatose is a traditional dance; however, the dance movements are very simple so that everyone can dance it.😊


We enjoy practicing Yatose!


Usually, on campus, we practice one hour twice a week. Also, we will have some events to show our performance about once a month! At the events, we can watch other teams’ performances and dance many times! We always have a lot of fun during the events. After the events and at the end of the semester, we will have a fun party with the members.


From “Sakura Festival” in April. We danced under the cherry blossoms!


For this year, our club activities are online. We are uploading some videos of the dances on our Facebook group. The members of the club take videos explaining the dance. At the end of the semester, we made a remote video that all members, including previous members, joined. The song was “Yotchore” for this spring semester. We are now starting to make a remote video for our original music this fall semester, “Fly-to!” This song represents the AIU students’ life. It is a very energetic but beautiful song!