Student Voice: AIU is More Than a University - Amalia Claudia Trifan, University of Bucharest, Romania

Amalia in a traditional farming costume, on the left at Rice Harvest Activity


For me, AIU is the place where I became aware of the amount of unique and different cultures that are surrounding us. This University is about diversity, and it allows you to experience and understand it.

AIU challenged me a lot and helped me find myself. It is amazing how a place that is not your home can make you feel so familiar. Even if you are feeling lazy in one day, you will not feel that day wasted. That’s because at AIU, there are a lot of activities and clubs that are entertaining and you can make new friends every day.


At Volleyball Club Party

AIU’s teachers made me feel very comfortable in the class, and they encourage us to communicate with each other even in class: we have group projects and fascinating debates.

Therefore, AIU is the place where I evolved a lot in just a few months and is the place where I had the chance to meet my amazing friends. Also, AIU is the University that helps you learn a lot about yourself and Japan at the same time.


Studied at AIU in the Fall 2019.