Student Voice: I am truly proud and honored to have engaged in the 17th AIU festival. – Melissa Modi, Vice-Chair of the AIU Festival Committee


AIU Festival Virtual World


AIU Festival is the biggest event organized and executed by students.
This year, it was conducted online for the very first time. Despite the worries and concerns, it was a big success. And behind the success, there was the hard work and dedication of the AIU Festival Committee and the people involved.

Here is a message from Ms. Melissa Modi, Vice-Chair of the AIU Festival Committee.

After the announcement of staying off-campus, the 17th AIU Festival Committee was merely left to prepare the online festival in two months. Despite the major alterations in most departments’ jobs, the 17th AIU festival ended in success. All of this is thanks to each and every one of the committee members’ efforts and the help of the people concerned about the AIU festival.

The 17th AIU festival, which was prepared and conducted entirely online, clearly made a notion that the internet’s power was great enough to connect us all at the AIU festival.  Initially, the AIU festival is concluded with freshmen and sophomores; the 17th AIU festival was blessed enough to receive great love and support from seniors, faculty, staff members, and students outside of Akita.  This sort of the massive change in the participants was observable thanks to the committee members’ effort, and to the wide connective space of the “internet environment.”

Members of the AIU Festival committee are making a hand gesture of “17” in honor of the “17th


The harm of staying apart from each other had severely affected all of us; it is hard to imagine how much worry and suffering the freshmen were to go throughout the two semesters.  Nevertheless, the online AIU festival’s conduct had made all members notice the AIU students’ outstanding potential and proved to outsiders how AIU could pull off such a great event.

I am truly proud and honored to have engaged in the 17th AIU festival, which was challenging but extraordinary as ever.   If the chance comes, please visit our university’s festival, the AIU festival.

I conclude this message with the gratitude to all the people involved with the AIU festival. The committee could not have done it without all of the members. The warm and encouraging messages every single person sent the committee has made us stronger and better. 

We hope and thank your further cooperation and love for the AIU festival.