AIU Student Voice: My favorite place in AIU – Nozomi Sato, Degree-Seeking student (Junior year)


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Here is a message from Ms. Nozomi Sato.


Hello! I’m Nozomi Sato, a junior student of AIU. Today, I’d like to introduce some beautiful and useful facilities of AIU😊

Nakajima Library

Nakajima Library is one of the famous spots of this university. There are many English and Japanese books, but I especially like to borrow DVDs. You can find some movies including Ghibli and Disney, and dramas as well, like Full House. Since this library is open 24 hours a day, many students like to study here as much as they want. I appreciate that such a beautiful and quiet environment is available all the time. When you come to our campus, please find your “favorite” seats! 📷

This is Nakajima Library. It’s so beautiful!!

This is my favorite DVD corner.



LDIC stands for Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center. This facility provides many materials for language learning in a variety of languages, not just English and Japanese. Since I love to study Spanish, there were several times that I borrowed DVDs and books in Spanish to prepare for exams. If you are interested in the Japanese language, there are so many resources for second language learners, like TV dramas, textbooks, and manga!! In addition, there are 6 rooms for group work (multi-purpose room) and 12 rooms for individuals (speaking room). You can use those rooms for free, but a reservation is required. Many students like to use LDIC rooms when they need to discuss or concentrate on studying alone.   


This is the LDIC lobby. You can find many materials in various languages here.

LDIC Speaking room.



Nakajima Library and LDIC are located in the same building. The biggest reason why I like them is that I can meet many students there. When I meet my friends by chance, when I enjoy chatting at night… Such casual moments make my university life wonderful. Why don’t you join us? We are waiting for you🍀

Me and my friends at LDIC.

From the Center for International Affairs

Having an environment where you can concentrate on your studies and having friends to work hard with are great motivations for studying. AIU’s facilities are surrounded by rich nature, and you can enjoy the beautiful view from the windows as well as take a walk around the lush green campus with your friends on a sunny day.