Student Voice: “Online Winter Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program 2022”-HO YUEN-CHING, Tamkang University , Taiwan


We welcomed 18 students from Tamkang University for a two-week Online Winter Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program starting on February 7.

In this program, three graduate students from the Japanese Language Teaching Practices in AIU organized practical Japanese language and culture classes for students studying Japanese in Tamkang University,  as part of their educational training.

Here is a comment from Ms. HO YUEN-CHING who participated in this program.

Closing Ceremony


The online program from Akita International University is a great opportunity for us to learn more about not only the Japanese language but also the culture. From the hard work of teachers from AIU, a series of well-prepared pronunciation courses have deepened our knowledge of Japanese. And indeed my pronunciation did improve quite a lot after the lessons. 

Besides language learning, this program has also introduced us to a brand new aspect for knowing more about Japan. Especially the fascinating performance by Akita Maiko, which showed the beauty in traditional Japanese culture and the uniqueness of Akita native culture, has become the most impressive part of this program.

Workshop of Akita Maiko

Participating in this program was meaningful to me. What I earned from this program is more than I expected. Above all, the process of cultural exchange with the AlU students was truly amazing and those intriguing discussions about differences between Japanese and Taiwanese culture did broaden my horizons.

I am looking forward to joining this program again!