Student Voice: “Virtual Winter Program 2022” JPL355 Higher Intermediate Japanese (Online) : Issues in Contemporary Japan①

In the Winter Program 2022, international students from the  Australian National University, University of Canterbury, and Nanjing University in JPL355(Higher Intermediate Japanese online: Issues in Contemporary Japan), as well as AIU students in JAS355 (Critical Issues in Globalizing Japan), collaborated on a project to interview various Japanese people about their “working styles”.

The following website introduces interviews conducted by students. Please see interview in Winter 2022.


Here are some comments from international students who participated in the Virtual Winter Program 2022.

Mr. Linxi Li, The Australian National University, Australia

Mr. Linxi Li


What a fascinating course it is! During the pandemic, we lost the chance to communicate and attend events with Japanese friends directly. However, the highlight of this course is, as a Japanese language learner, we can study and do projects with Japanese native speakers in the same age together! Those Japanese are not teachers, they are university students, just like us! We are all students of this course! In my opinion, as a young student, the most efficient way to learn about a country is not from teachers, but from local people that are the same age as you! Because they represent the spirits of that country’s future!

Mr. David Wells, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Mr. David Wells


I have always been fascinated by the Japanese language and culture. I am very grateful for having this opportunity to study at Akita International University’s online course.  

This course is about Critical Issues in Globalizing Japan or Higher Intermediate Japanese: Issues in Contemporary Japan.  We have interviewed and listened to the interviewees to understand their works, and their working styles (urban VS countryside, company VS freelance, industry, etc.). We also discussed and shared thoughts on people’s future work styles and work-life balance.  

We had two amazing lecturers, 小西先生(Professor Konishi)、行木先生(Professor Gyogi). They are extremely kind, patient. encouraging and most importantly,  they prepared each lesson very well.  I have learned so much knowledge from them. So, Thank you so much 小西先生、行木先生.

The Japanese students in our class are brilliant too. They have not only helped us with Japanese language study, but also shared with us some invaluable information regarding Japanese culture, society, and people. I have made some wonderful friends during this six-week winter course.  I really hope that we can visit each other very soon.  

I have had a remarkable time studying in this online course. These fantastic memories will be with me forever.  I can only imagine that if I study at AIU physically, the experience will be even more incredible. It is sad to say goodbye to AIU now, but I think I may come and see you in a near future.  


In the next article, we will introduce a comment from a Nanjing University student who participated in the Virtual Winter Program as well.