Voices from the Student Government Association-Sakurako Oda, Sophomore

Akita International University encourages our students to take initiative and make their campus life more fulfilling.

Students plan and organize the AIU Festival, Club activities, socializing events throughout the year.

In this series of articles, we would like to introduce our student government and some of its committees. By getting involved with people and events at AIU, let’s make your study abroad unforgettable.

Here’s a message from the president of the Student Government Association, Sakurako Oda.

Ms. Sakurako Oda, in the middle, the president of the Student Government Association.


Hi! I am Sakurako Oda, the president of the Student Government Association. Today, I would like to introduce what this organization is, and what we are actually doing. Let’s get started!

 What is Student Government?

It may be easier if you could imagine the student council in high school. The different point is that we share information between adults such as Student Affairs and faculty staff. The Student Government also stands on various committees such as the Event committee, AIU Festival Committee, IAC, etc. Therefore, we are mainly in charge of a bridge between students and adults.

Members of the Student Government Association


What are we doing?

We aim to improve student’s campus lives by discussing various things such as clubs, cafeteria, dorm life, events, etc. (mainly everything)

For example, this year in 2021, we are planning to have a guest speaker during the summer. The purpose is for the students to have a wide range of interests regardless of their culture, skills, or personalities. Also, for the winter event, we are planning to go (or online depending on the COVID-19 situation) to other university schools in order to gain new ideas for improvements/developments of AIU and to have connections with people outside of campus.

As you can see, our events are connected not just for fun, but also for social learning. This can motivate AIU students to “learn by having fun”.

We welcome new members!

Although the overall image may seem serious and nerdy, we are usually laughing during the meeting. We aim to have “fun work”, and bilingual members full of individuality are waiting!

Regular Online Meeting


Thank you for reading to the end.


Student Government

Sakurako Oda