Student Voice: My wonderful days at AIU - Balazs Kiss Suranyi, University of Pecs, Hungary

Mr. Balazs Kiss Suranyi on the day he received an award from the Dean at the University of Pecs.

I am studying at the University of Pecs in Hungary, and I had the good fortune to become a student of Akita International University through the university exchange program. In 2020, I started a semester at Akita International University. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I was unable to complete the classes in person, but the university responded to the pandemic in a special and unique way and offered international students to start learning online. That’s how I started.

I think the biggest adventure of my life is studying at AIU! I looked forward to the first days of the semester with full curiosity. Despite the special difficult situation, the semester started on schedule. I was impressed with the ambition I met. Ive never been to an international university before, so I waited with great interest. A wide variety of courses could be taken, from math to art courses. Each student has a coordinator who can be contacted with any questions.

In general, I can say that everyone is very helpful. The courtesy I have experienced on behalf of everyone is exceptional. I was amazed. Both the teachers and the campus officers were always helpful with all the patience. Online learning was a new thing for everyone in this changed situation. The system has always been easy and stable from the beginning.

I would like to highlight the special attitude of teachers. They were always well prepared with up-to-date and big knowledge. As for community life, the university has provided many programs that have brought us closer together even in this changed situation. That was marvelous. I was able to chat regularly with my groupmates during online cafes and other online events. I have been a regular guest at CinemAkita Club from the beginning.

Due to the time lag, my classes started regularly at dawn and early in the morning. But I was always excited and happy to wake up to the lectures.

Throughout my life, I will be really proud to have been a student at AIU. I hope I can visit my teachers in person in the future.

Pecs University has about 15 years of partnership with AIU.