Welcome to AIU Event Committee!! – Azusa Yamazaki, Junior


Akita International University encourages our students to take initiative and make their campus life more fulfilling.

Students plan and organize the AIU Festival, Club activities, socializing events throughout the year.

In this series of articles, we would like to introduce our student government and some of its committees. By getting involved with people and events at AIU, let’s make your study abroad unforgettable.

Here’s a message from the head of the AIU Event Committee, Azusa Yamazaki.

Hi everyone, we are AIU Event Committee, and we are so glad that you have started to read our introduction message!

Event Committee Members in an Online Winter Event


Our aim is to create a fun and exciting event that both AIU students and study abroad students can enjoy throughout the year. Usually, we will hold a Summer festival, Halloween, and Christmas events on campus with club circle performances, games, and delicious snacks. However, due to the pandemic, we held those events online last year and were not able to invite clubs and have snacks, but we still had a lot of fun with online games and could meet some new people online and shared information about our school life. This year, we are planning to have both on campus and online events so new fun ideas are welcome!!

Christmas festival in 2018


We are a relatively small group compared to other committees, but we have so much fun together even through our screens. We have regular meetings online every Thursday at 10 pm Japan time usually for about an hour. Let’s say that we are not a strict committee so do not hesitate to join our meetings if you are interested in planning some events that will make our online campus life more exciting!

Down below is our Facebook page that will allow you to have a clearer image of what we have been doing.



Please contact us via email anytime if you are interested in our activity or have any questions! We will send you a Zoom link for the next event!

Email address: studentactivity@gl.aiu.ac.jp

Hope to see you soon!

Summer festival in 2019