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Our revised entrance exam system is aimed at building a campus with diverse talent.

Our 16 different admission options including the introduction of full-fledged September admissions, an entrance exam schedule independent of other national and public universities, and a gap year admission option that recognizes volunteer work completed before matriculation are our means for selecting a diversity of students brimming with passion and potential. This is one of the challenges presented by Akita International University.

To all those filled with curiosity and who are eager to be active on the global stage in the future, why not accept the challenge presented by Akita International University?

For detailed admission information and application form, please click here.

Entrance Exam Schedule
September Special Entrance Exam (April matriculation)
Global Seminar Entrance Exam
November Special Entrance Exam (April matriculation)
Letter of Recommendation Admission/Admissions Office・International Baccalaureate・High School Study Abroad Student Exam I/Nontraditional Student Exam/Foreign National Study Abroad Student Exam I
Special Entrance Exam (September matriculation)
Gap Year Entrance Exam
Non-first Year Transfer Student Entrance Exam I
February General Entrance Exam
Schedule A/Schedule B
March General Entrance Exam
Schedule C
Special Entrance Exam (September matriculation)
International Student Exam II
Non-first Year Transfer Student Entrance Exam II
August Special Entrance Exam (September matriculation)
Admissions Office・International Baccalaureate・High School Study Abroad Student Exam II/Returnee Student Exam

Admission system at a glance

Akita International University offers 16 different admission options to further our goal of selecting students with versatile abilities and natural endowments, on top of a prerequisite level of basic academic competence. The admission period occurs twice a year in April and September. The Special Entrance Exam (for April or September matriculation) does not use the National Center Test, while the General Entrance Exam (for April matriculation) does. In addition, we offer a Non-first Year Transfer Student Entrance Exam I (April matriculation) and Exam II (September matriculation).

International Liberal Arts Department (175 students)

This department accepts 175 students. Students join the Department en masse, rather than selecting separate study courses at the time of enrollment (excluding non-first year transfer students). On the basis of their individual interests and specialized skills, students select either the Global Business Course(*) or the Global Studies Course(*) after their second year of study.

For details about the entrance examinations, please see the Acceptance Requirements. They are available on campus upon request or on the AIU website. Exam Requirements and Application Forms for the Special and General Entrance Exams are distributed in mid-July and mid-September, respectively.

(*) Please note that these courses are subject to change from AY 2021. See our new curriculum page for details.