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AIU students are eligible for the scholarship/financial aid programs detailed below. AIU also supports students with its own independent scholarship programs provided through the generous support of the AIU Supporters Club and other organizations.

Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship (loans)

Monthly loan amount (For AY2019 matriculants):
Type 1 Financial Aid
(Interest: None)
Student living Interest at home:
20,000 JPY, 30,000 JPY, or 45,000 JPY
Student living away from home:
20,000 JPY, 30,000 JPY, 40,000 JPY, or 51,000 JPY
Type 2 Financial Aid
(Interest: about 3% or less)

20,000-120,000 JPY
(You can choose the monthly amount by every 10,000JPY within the range.)

*Please see the following website for further details on financial aid offered by the Japan Student Services Organization.
*Financial aid options detailed above require repayment at the end of their term.

Japan Student Services Organization

Akita International University Scholarship (grants)

AIU Long-Term Aid Scholarship for Degree-Seeking Students
Amount 40,000 JPY/month for one year
Eligibility Motivated students with a high level of academic achievement who are unable to secure sufficient financial resources for the cost of their years of enrollment for any inevitable reasons.
AIU Honors Program for Academic Achievement for Study-Abroad Candidates
Amount 100,000 JPY
Eligibility Students chosen by the university based on their academic achievement, who will go on their mandated study abroad in the next semester.
AIU Ambassador Subsidy
Amount 20,000 JPY/trip (domestic), 50,000 JPY/trip (overseas)
Eligibility Students participating in academic conference that is deemed beneficial for the university or the students themselves.
AIU Scholarship for Degree-Seeking Students from Akita Prefecture
Amount 80,100 JPY/semester;
40,050 JPY/semester if tuition reduction or exemption is applied
Eligibility Degree-seeking students from Akita prefecture who was enrolled in AIU in or after April 2012, and has duly paid tuition to the university.

Local Government Organization/Non-Government Organization scholarships (grants・loans)

Each prefecture, city, local municipality, and various non-governmental organizations carry out student financial support initiatives. Eligibility requirements, periods of applicability, and types of grants and loans differ for each organization.


Scholarship Donation

AIU warmly encourages contributions to the Student Scholarship Fund as part of its goal to support its students and study abroad students, as well as to support academic activities on campus. Those wishing to make a contribution are welcome to contact the office at the details given below. Contributions count toward the University Corporation and are tax deductible.

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