AIU Hosts University of Nicosia (Cyprus) Staff Member for Erasmus+ Exchange

Akita International University Japan University of Nicosia Cyprus staff exchange

University of Nicosia (center-left) and AIU Center for International Affairs staff members gather on the final day of the staff exchange.

This summer, AIU was happy to host a member of the administrative staff from the University of Nicosia (UNic), one of our partners in Cyprus, for a week-long Erasmus+ staff training exchange. This was the second half of the staff exchange program after an AIU staff member similarly spent a week at UNic earlier this year.

The Erasmus+ staff training program supports universities in the EU area to strengthen their collaboration in student and staff mobility with schools outside the EU membership. Thus far, AIU has participated in Erasmus+ sponsored student, administrative staff, and faculty exchanges with partners in Cyprus, Malta, and Latvia.

During the training program at AIU, staff representatives from different sections discussed best practices in international collaboration and university administration with our guest. From AIU's perspective, it was an excellent opportunity to learn not only about one partner university, but about systems and policies that apply to all of our partners across the EU.