President Suzuki’s Video Message to New and Current AIU Students and their Families

President Norihiko SUZUKI’s message to all AIU students, new students who are to be matriculated at AIU, international exchange students, and their parents.

President’s Message

All AIU students, new students who are to be matriculated at AIU, international exchange students, and their parents, I am Norihiko Suzuki, President of Akita International University.

AIU has decided to offer all of our spring 2020 courses online, as announced on our university website on March 19. I am sure that many of you might feel anxious about our decision. It is natural to feel so since AIU’s most significant feature is its small classes and discussion based teaching style.

As you are all aware, the novel coronavirus has been causing very difficult situations all over Japan and all over the world. We have not found a cure or medicine for the virus yet, and the situation is unpredictable. AIU is proud of our unique learning environment where students from all over the world and all over Japan come and live on campus together. If there is even one case of infection, we will have to stop all the classes instantly. In addition, we would have to isolate the infected person and close all the facilities on campus. Our priority is your safety, and this is our responsibility as an educational institution. I hope you all can understand that our difficult decision is based on the priority for your safety. We also hope that you will understand offering classes online will be the best method of instruction under these circumstances.

Currently, all the faculty and staff are making every effort to provide classes online. Please do not worry.

All of us, faculty and staff members, were looking forward to welcoming you to AIU. We know all of you were excited about starting or continuing your academic life on this beautiful campus, engaging in co-curricular activities, and meeting new peers.

This is the time when our true value is being tested. It is up to us whether we consider this difficulty as a painful event or as an opportunity to grow to be better people. Those who have the “AIU Spirit” are the ones who face difficulties, use them as tools for personal growth, and overcome them together, as peers. Let’s gain a complete victory over this difficulty together. We all are looking forward to seeing you on campus in the fall semester.

AIU’s Response to Coronavirus