President Suzuki’s Video Message to AIU Graduates

President Norihiko SUZUKI’s message to all the graduating students.

President’s Message

To all the graduating students, let me express my most sincere congratulations on your graduation.

I truly wanted to personally hand each of you the diploma and express my congratulations directly, face to face, on March 21st. However, as you are all aware, our commencement had to be postponed to avoid any risks associated with the novel coronavirus infection.

It breaks my heart imagining how painful and sad it must be to lose the opportunity to celebrate one of the most important milestones in life especially after your rigorous university studies at AIU. At the same time, I am very proud of all of you because you responded to our decision to postpone the commencement very calmly.

Our commencement has not been canceled. It has been postponed. However, we recognize that some of you may not be able to attend the postponed ceremony due to your work situations. Therefore, AIU would like to welcome you to attend any commencement ceremony in the future if you cannot attend this year’s ceremony. We mean that, in case your schedule does not work out, you are welcome to any of our future ceremony, even in five years or ten years from now. AIU will always be ready for you to come back to our campus to celebrate your graduation.

You will face many difficulties in the future. However, I am confident that you all will be able to continue to grow into better people because you have learned to stay ambitious and not to yield to hardships. I truly look forward to seeing you in person some day in the months and years ahead.

Again, congratulations on your graduation, everyone!

AIU’s Response to Coronavirus