First Ever “Study Abroad Week” held at AIU!

From Monday, November 7 to Friday, November 11, AIU held its very first “Study Abroad Week” on campus. 

With the relaxing of travel restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AIU has finally returned to pre-COVID levels of outbound and inbound study abroad exchange, and our distinct multicultural AIU campus has been restored. In consideration of our unique study abroad exchange program and AIU’s graduation requirement of one-year study abroad, in the past large-scale Study Abroad Fair events were held at AIU every year, and at this event international exchange students and AIU students returned from study abroad would all gather together in one place to introduce partner universities to interested student visitors. However, in order to accommodate current COVID-19 event restrictions, we came up with a new and innovative way to promote study abroad through holding Study Abroad Week.  

Photo of a booth introducing partner universities
Students decorated booths with ornaments and photos of their home and host institutions!

Event Details

★Class Visit★

Exchange students from overseas partner universities and degree-seeking AIU students who have returned from study abroad visited designated classes and introduced their home and host universities based on their own experiences at the beginning or end of the class. A total of 19 students visited our students in class and gave wonderful presentations.

An international exchange student giving a presentation
The 3-minute Class Visit presentations were packed with charm about each country and partner institution!

★Study Abroad Photo Exhibition★

We invited degree-seeking AIU students who are currently studying abroad or have returned from study abroad to submit their best photos of their study abroad experience, with a thematic focus on cuisine, culture, scenery, and other categories. We received over 100 photo submissions, all of which were attractively displayed on digital signage boards throughout campus.

Photo displayed on campus digital signage boards.
A photo from the Study Abroad Photo Exhibition. Wonderful photos like these make you want to stop and take a nice long look.

★Study Abroad Safari★

For the Study Abroad Safari, the campus was set up like a world map, with booths representing regions such as Asia/Oceania, Europe, and North/South America set up in different buildings around campus, where students could visit freely for study abroad consultation and for friendly international exchange. The booths were lined with official novelty goods and pamphlets from each university presented by our volunteers, creating a space where visitors could get a feel for the atmosphere of a variety of partner universities.

31 exchange students and post-exchange students from 28 partner universities in 14 countries volunteered to introduce their home and host institutions and study abroad destinations to regular students who were considering their study abroad plan at each booth, providing a valuable opportunity for students to learn about AIU’s various partner universities.

Photo of study abroad information exchange
At the Study Abroad Safari. Students preparing for their study abroad were able to gather a lot of useful information!

Photo of students who volunteered in the event
Asia/Oceania Region Safari Booth
Photo of degree-seeking and international students conversing
Europe Region Safari Booth
Photo of event booth
North/South America Region Booth

We hope that this event helped to deepen the connections between our international exchange students, upper-class AIU students returning from study abroad, and under-class students beginning to think about or prepare for their study abroad.

(Event hosted by: Center for International Affairs)