Syllabus Search Guide

How to Search for Syllabi in the Online Syllabus System

You can search the current semester’s syllabi or past years’ syllabi (if the semester that you are interested in is not yet available) by following the instructions below. Please note that courses may not be exactly identical to previous years’ offerings, so please use past information for reference only.

Step 1: Download the Course Offerings PDF from the link to the right. You will need to refer to this document to use the search functions.

Step 2: To look up syllabi, enter the following settings in the Online Syllabus System.

Academic Year (required field): Choose the year you will study at AIU, or a past year for reference. If you cannot find a syllabus for the year you will come to AIU, it may not be available yet. In this case, please check the syllabus from the previous year instead.
Note: Academic Years begin with the Spring Semester, so 2024 includes Spring 2024, Fall 2024, and Winter 2025.

Faculty/Department: Leave this field as “not specified” and use the Course Code field to narrow down your selections, instead.

Course Code: Enter the three-letter code from the PDF linked from the search page to narrow down to that field or leave it blank. You can also narrow down to a specific level (e.g. “ECN3” will search for all 300-level/third year-level economics and business courses).

Semester: Select one, or set “not specified” to see all options. If your desired semester returns no results, try searching for the syllabus in the same semester (Spring or Fall) of a previous academic year, rather than a different semester.

Leave all other fields blank for the broadest search, or narrow down by instructor, course title, or course keywords. Partial matches are possible.

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