Cross Cultural Campus

Domestic and International Students Inspire Each Other to Improve Themselves

About 200 international students from over 200 partner universities* across the world study at our university, where the campus creates a multicultural space that looks like an epitome of the world. (*As of April 1, 2023)
It is the stage of cultural exchange where you can spend time with international students and other students in the student residences, join clubs and societies to enjoy sports and cultural activities, and engage in casual conversations with them after lectures.
Since the University attracts students from almost all the prefectures in Japan, students are also exposed to different cultures within Japan as well as cultures outside of Japan.
This small university in Akita is where many different cultures of Japan and the rest of the world gather and interact with each other.
Campus life at Akita International University helps students grow and enrich their minds.

The ratio of international students on campus

One in four students

Number of Exchange Students

168 students

Number of Full-time International Students

11 students

The Ratio of Students Live on our Residential Campus

88 %

As of September 1, 2023


More international and Japanese students cited living in the on-campus community as their favorite part of studying at AIU over all other aspects of life and study.
AIU requires all short-term international students to live in on-campus housing. Over 80% of all AIU students live on our residential campus, and living here gives you easy access to student clubs and circles, campus events, and many kinds of community interaction opportunities.

Degree-seeking students at AIU are required to live in Komachi Hall for their first year. At AIU, we consider living together with students from other cultural backgrounds to be a critical part of the international experience, for all students- whether degree-seeking or short-term exchange.


Active participation in club and circle activities enriches student life and builds interpersonal relationships, as well as organizational and social skills. AIU is a university populated by inquisitive and motivated students, and has many clubs and groups. Students from all over Japan and all around the world take part in these activities on a daily basis.

Campus Events

Just like other countries, Japan can be better understood when you get out of the classroom and experience it firsthand. The Division of Student Services arranges various opportunities to experience Japan and to discover Akita and the Tohoku region through field trips. Destinations include: local sightseeing spots, concerts, sporting events, and volunteer work.
Throughout the year, various events are organized by the Division of Student Services, Student Government, and clubs and circles. International students are also welcome to plan their own unique events.

Campus Map

The environment here allows students to focus on their studies. The library and computer room are open for student use 24 hours a day, and we have a dormitory and apartments on campus.